Christ Church Central Sheffield

A church for people who don't go to church

Sundays at 10:30am & 4:30pm


If you really want to feel part of the family at Christ Church Central, we suggest joining one of our Gospel Teams.

SONY DSCThese small groups are the basic units of church life, where we often form our strongest relationships as we study the Bible together, pray for one another, work together in sharing the message of Jesus with our friends, and serve the church.

As well as Gospel Teams, we have various other ministries and activities for specific groups, such as students, internationals, men’s ministry and women’s ministry. Linking up with one or more of these will also help you to get more deeply involved with us as a church.

We also invite regular comers to become formal members. This gives us a chance to be really clear on what we’re about as a church, and gives you the chance to express your commitment to us in writing. For more information, speak to Rob Dillon (contactable via the church office).