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Sundays at 10:30am & 4:30pm

Fiona Bronsdon

Fiona leads our Women’s Ministry. She is married to Chris and they have one son, Sam.

FionaHow did you become a Christian?

I was 22, in my final year at Sheffield University and away at a Christian convention called Word Alive when I became a Christian. Though I’d been brought up going to church, I turned my back on God in my mid-teens. I thought religion was a ‘crutch’ that I didn’t need, and believed I was good enough without God.

But after seven years, I started to doubt my atheism and my own goodness. How could life be so painful, and why was I making such a mess of it? I wanted answers and surprised myself by going back to church (Christ Church Fulwood) with a friend to find out more. Over the next few months I moved towards faith in Christ by reading the Bible and hearing its message of God’s salvation story faithfully taught each week – finally realising at Word Alive that I wanted Jesus to be Lord of my life. Before a holy God I’m not good enough, but in Christ I’m accepted and forgiven. He was the answer I was looking for.

How did you come to Christ Church Central?

An exciting vision to plant a new church in the city centre which would be ‘a church for people who don’t go to church’ caught my attention. I’d been a Christian for nearly 10 years by this time (2003) and, with my husband, felt challenged to serve Christ in the heart of the city. Together with our then four-year-old son, we joined the church planting team, and I became a member on the staff team in 2009.

Besides Jesus, what are you passionate about?

My family, my church family, and helping women grow in faith.

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