Christ Church Central Sheffield

A church for people who don't go to church

Sundays at 10:30am & 4:30pm

Rob Dillon

Rob Dillon is our church general manager, and is also involved with leading the International ministry. He is married to Laura.

How did you become a Christian?

I got to the age of about 19/20 without really giving God a second thought – I was much more interested in friends and fitting in, particularly at university. While studying here in Sheffield with Laura – who was already a Christian – it became clear to me how much of an impact her faith had on her, and I decided to look into things properly.

Laura went to China for her year of studying abroad, and as I already knew some of her friends it made sense for me to come to Central to ask some of those questions. I attended a Christianity Explored course, and over time – I can’t put an exact date on things – found that all the evidence pointed to Jesus being who He says He is. I realised I didn’t need to know all the answers to my intellectual questions, because I knew the Lord was in complete control – quite the relief to a student trying to both fit in and be independent!

How did you come to Christ Church Central?

Originally, I came over from Grimsby to study History and Russian in 2008 – and before that had absolutely no connection with Sheffield at all. As soon as I came to a university open day I knew this was where I wanted to be, and it feels like home now!

As I mentioned, when I came to start thinking seriously about Christianity, I knew a lot of Laura’s friends through the church already and so in many ways it was the obvious choice for me to make. I was warmly welcomed into the family, and now try and welcome others in the same way – particularly international students arriving from overseas.

Besides Jesus, what are you passionate about?

I’m a bit of a sports nut and write a sporadic blog about Russian football of all things, enjoy playing football (badly), badminton (a little better) and running (occasionally).

Laura and I also love getting out into the hills on long (sometimes excessively so) walks and playing board games – not at the same time – and I’m always happy to open my ears to all sorts of music.