Christ Church Central Sheffield

A church for people who don't go to church

Sundays at 10:30am & 4:30pm


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Sheffield’s universities are at the heart of life in the city, and so students are a vital part of our church family. We want Christ Church Central to be a place where students are able to thrive in every area of their relationship with God, his people and his world. This is what the Christian life is all about!

Knowing God: The moreWP_20160213_002 we know God, the more reasons we have to love him and worship him. We want to get to know God better so we listen to him as he speaks through his powerful word.

Loving God’s people: The church is God’s family. We aren’t a “student church”. We want our students to get to know our kids, our grandparents. Families look out for one another, so we want to support and encourage one another, serve one another as we grow together. Our students are always an amazing blessing to us as they use their gifts, time and energy to help others out.

Reaching the world: We want to help students to show what God is like to his world – being loving, welcoming and sharing the good news of the Gospel with everyone who doesn’t yet know it.

What we do

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Led by ...

Our Students are led by
Paul Robinson