Christianity is not just for British people, and neither is our church - the Bible teaches us that our God is the god of the whole world, and so we should expect church to be a place where people from a variety of nations, races and cultures can come together as one family and worship him.

We love to welcome those from other backgrounds into our church, and host a session each Sunday evening particularly for those for whom English is a second language. We meet straight after our 5pm service, share a meal together at around 7pm and then study the Bible together. If you're an experienced Christian looking to grow in your faith, or someone looking into Jesus' message for the first time, we'd love to meet you, answer your questions, and welcome you in. We also hold social events, go on walks and show films from time to time, and if you'd like to meet one-to-one with another Christian to read the Bible and pray together, we can arrange that for you.

If you'd like something less formal, we are also involved in running the International CafĂ© with other Sheffield churches, which is held from 7.30-9.30pm at our Egerton Hall venue. Come along and enjoy refreshment, play games and chat away with people from around the world. Sometimes there are special events - dancing, music, days in the Peak District - sometimes there'll be a short talk about the Christian faith, and sometimes we just meet to drink tea and talk together. Whatever is happening, you'd be very welcome to join us!