Meet The Team

Tim Davies

Tim Davies - Minister

Tim was married to Tanya on April Fools' Day 1989. They have four grown up children (Bethan, Anna, Rebekah and Caleb), a son in law (Grant) and one grandson. He loves East Africa, where he was born and brought up, running long distances and is passionate about Welsh rugby. 

Following work in business and industry (mainly the motor industry) Tim has served churches in a variety of settings in rural Oxfordshire and Sheffield. He is Central's founding minister. He is still amazed by Jesus' words, "For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many." (Mark 10v45)

Fiona Bronsdon

Fiona Bronsdon - Women's Minister

Fi joined the team in September 2009. She is married to Chris and they have a son, Sam. Fi originally studied English Lit. at Sheffield University, and has retained a great love for books and reading. She has happily lived in Sheffield for over 25 years, but her roots are even further north in Cumbria.

The thing Fi enjoys most about her work is sharing the good news about Jesus with Christian women and those who are ‘just looking’ into who Jesus is and what that means for them. Fi was a primary school teacher in the past. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and trying out new recipes, and to her great surprise (and her family’s) has taken up running.

Dave Crofts

Dave Crofts - Assistant Minister

Dave came to Christ in 1992, to Sheffield in 2002, and to the Christ Church Central staff team in 2012. He is therefore looking forward to 2022 with great interest! He’s married to Layne (whom he met playing ultimate frisbee), and they have two sons and one dog.

As an English Literature graduate and former marketing man, he enjoys all kinds of wordsmithery and occasionally dabbles in poetry. He loves seas and sunsets, snowflakes and stars, and the God who speaks them all into existence. The older he gets, the more deeply he knows he needs Jesus – and the more grateful he gets for God’s grace.

Chris Houghton

Chris Houghton - Assistant Minister

Chris first came to Sheffield as a student in 2005 to study Orthoptics (to become an eye specialist) and, like many others, loved it so much that he couldn't tear himself away from the city! As a student at Central he met his wife, Jennie, and they have two children, Emily & Samuel. Having grown up by the sea in Suffolk, Chris loves taking family holidays to the coast and introducing the family to the joy of building sandcastles and paddling in freezing cold water! In his spare time, Chris enjoys choral singing, Formula 1, and getting out to local parks with the family.

In his role as Assistant Minister, Chris heads up our Student Ministry, building up students who come to Central, and working with them to reach out to their friends and course-mates at both of the city's universities. He's passionate about sharing the good news of Jesus with those who've never heard, as well as helping those who are Christians to be transformed by knowing God more deeply.

Rob Dillon

Rob Dillon - General Manager

Rob came to Sheffield as a student of Russian and History in 2008 and has been around ever since. Rob came to faith while at Central in 2010, and joined the staff team in 2015, where he looks after the administrative side of church life and our Ministry Trainees. With his wife Laura, he also leads the church's ministry to Internationals, and is keen to welcome those from all corners of the world to Sheffield. 

Away from the office, Rob spends far too much time keeping up with the sporting world, and loves being outdoors - whether that be walking in the Peak District, running Sheffield's streets, or watching the birds at Old Moor.

Charles Raven

Charles Raven - Mission Partners Support

Charles came to Sheffield in 2016 after working in Kenya for four years. He now travels extensively in his work for Gafcon (the Global Anglican Future Conference), a movement to restore the authentic good news of Jesus Christ to the heart of the worldwide Anglican Church. As leader of the Mission Partners Support Team, he is convinced that each local church should share in this global vision because the message of the Bible speaks to all people in all places.

His wife, Gillian, died of cancer in 2018 and her deep and courageous faith continues to be a comfort and inspiration. Their three children are all married and Charles is delighted to have four grandchildren.

In Kenya he was closely involved in the Nairobi National Railway Museum and still pursues an ambition to see its steam locomotives out on the main line. Nearer to home he enjoys hill walking, gardening and reading.

Connie Waters

Connie Waters - Ministry Trainee

Connie joined the team in September 2018 as a Ministry Trainee. She loves being able to learn more deeply and fully about our great and compassionate God, and having the opportunity to spend time with many new people and talk about Jesus with them. 

Although she originally studied Biological Science at university, she went on to work as a teacher of English as a second language, and still has a love for languages and teaching. She grew up in the Middle East with her family and came to the UK when she was 16. She is passionate about God’s love for all the different peoples of the world. In her spare time, she enjoys being creative, learning different languages, travelling and spending time with people.