Questions In A Crisis

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Our lives have been turned upside down in recent months and there's lots to get our heads around. Understandably we all have big questions - what's gone wrong with the world? What does it mean for my hopes and my future?

So, at each Questions In A Crisis event, we'll be thinking about one of these tough questions - grappling with it both intellectually and emotionally. We'll be sharing answers from the Bible that help make sense of our thoughts and feelings in this time of crisis, and that ultimately show us where true and everlasting hope can be found - Jesus. 

Here's the list of questions we'll be thinking about...

1st JulyWhat’s gone wrong with the world?
15th JulyWhy does 2 metres feel like 2 miles?
29th JulyHave my hopes been furloughed?
12th AugWhat’s a life worth?
26th AugCan life ever be the same again?

Each evening there'll be a short 10-15 minute talk followed by an opportunity to ask questions and have further discussion. Please do come along to one or all of these events and invite your friends too. 

The Zoom link is If you'd like more information, please do get in touch by emailing